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Joel Oppenheimer's Ornithological Galleries

John James Audubon
is widely considered one of the greatest naturalists and artists of all time. His body of work is iconic in ornithological art and serves as the foundation of our collection. We offer a selection  from every collectible Audubon edition to suit any collector's needs. Please feel free to browse our galleries of Original Audubon prints as well as our very own Oppenheimer Editions Prints.
Antique Havell Engravings
Antique Octavo Lithographs
Antique Bien Chromolithographs
Oppenheimer Editions - Field Museum 50 Best Havells
Oppenheimer Editions - 50 Best NYHS Watercolors
Oppenheimer Editions - Octavos
Oppenheimer Editions - Bien Edition
Oppenheimer Editions - NYHS Audubon's Watercolors: The Complete Work

Jacques Barraband
Levaillant's Histoire Naturelle des Perroquets is one of the world's best known natural history works devoted to the depiction of parrot species. These brilliantly colored exquisite stipple engravings are after paintings by the most important French bird artist of the nineteenth century, Jacques Barraband. Our collection is of outstanding quality.
Levaillant's Stipple Engravigns
Oppenheimer Field Museum Edition

Mark Catesby
One hundred years before J. J. Audubon, Mark Catesby (1682-1749) traveled from England to the new world on a legendary discovery expedition. Arriving in South Carolina in 1722, he explored the colonial wilderness on foot and horseback for five years, taking notes, collecting specimens and making drawings. His finished works, published before the American Revolution, stand today as the first illustrated work of American flora and fauna to depict the entire spectrum of life forms.
Original Hand Colored Engravings
Oppenheimer Field Museum Edition

Daniel Giraud Elliot
Daniel Giraud Elliot combined his vast scientific knowledge, considerable personal wealth and the significant talents of the renowned bird artist, Joseph Wolf, to create some of the most stunning and rare works of the nineteenth century. A Monograph of the Paradiseidae or Birds of Paradise is comprised of thirty-seven plates depicting the most colorful and exotic birds from New Guinea and Australia.
Original Antique Birds of Paradise Hand-Colored Lithographs
The Birds of Paradise Field Museum Edition

Louis Agassiz Fuertes
Fuertes launched his career as a professional painter of birds at the American Ornithologists' Union conference in 1896. Fuertes' style, loose and free, along with his insistence upon working from natural, live subjects, set a new standard for wildlife painting in the twentieth century. His work from the Abyssinian Expedition characterizes his ability to capture an animal without belaboring his brush strokes, bring freshness and intensity to the work.
Fuertes Oppenheimer Field Museum Edition

John Gould
was the most prolific publisher of ornithological subjects of all time. In nineteenth-century Europe, his name was as well known as Audubon's was in North America. Unlike Audubon, whose life's work focused on one region gould traveled widely and employed other artists to help create his lavish, hand-colored lithographic folios.
Hummingbirds Family of Trogans Birds of Great Britain
Birds of New Guinea Toucans Birds of Asia
Oppenheimer Editions Humming birds Birds of Europe

Edward Lear
One of the greatest ornithological artists of his era, the multi-talented Edward Lear, (1812-1888) was a self taught naturalist and painter who later became famous as a writer of nonsense and limericks. Lear's exacting and masterly skill as an artist was employed by many major publishers of nineteenth century English ornithologies and natural histories.
Original Birds of Europe Hand Colored Lithographs
The Oppenheimer Field Museum Edition

Prideax John Selby
created his large scale engravings during the same period that Audubon was publishing his famous Birds of North America. There are interesting parallels to be drawn between the two men's art. Both worked with the Scottish engraver W.H. Lizars. A highly skilled engraver himself, Selby utilized Lizars' talents only for the printing and coloring of his exquisite copper plates. Other than Audubon's, Selby's is the only work to depict every bird in its actual size.
Illustrations of British Ornithology Original Lithographs

Alexander Wilson
American Ornithology added 39 new species to those previously known and earned him the title Father of American Ornithology. Far more accurate and painterly than anyone who preceded him, his engravings and descriptions were well recognized in his lifetime. He died at age 47, one volume short of completing American Ornithology. Comprised of seventy-six hand-colored engravings, American Ornithology depicts 262 species of birds.
American Ornithology Original Hand-Colored Engravings

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