We know your art is important.

When you decide to send your artwork to us for restoration, conservation, or framing services, you want to be sure that you follow every precaution to ensure the artwork arrives safely. Please follow the steps below to package your flat artwork for shipment. You may also purchase a manufactured solution from companies such as airfloat systems. For most situations we recommend that you ship via UPS, Fed-Ex or fine art carrier.

Fine Art Crate

Suggested Materials

We suggest you follow this list as closely as possible to ensure safe delivery of your artwork.

  • Glassine

    This is a neutral material for wrapping the actual artwork. It is semi-transparent and non-abrasive.

  • Acid Free Tape

    This is for securing your glassine packet in the foam core so it doesn’t slide around during shipment.

  • Acid Free Foam Core

    This is for creating your inner folder for the artwork. It will add support to the sheet and will serve as a final line of defense in case the tri-wall outer package is compromised.

  • Tri-Wall Corrugate

    This is a heavy-duty packing material consisting of three walls of corrugated cardboard. It will serve as the outer shell for the package.

  • ABS Plastic (Optional)

    If your artwork is of exceptionally high-value, we recommend lining the tri-wall corrugate with this material for yet another layer of protection. If you are unfamiliar with this material, we do suggest purchasing a pre-made solution from airfloat systems. They utilize this product in many of their packaging solutions.

How to Package Artwork

Building the Inner Folder

  1. Measure the dimensions of your artwork
  2. Cut (2) sheets of the acid free foam core to 4″ larger than the artwork in each dimension.
  3. Wrap artwork in glassine;
  4. Secure glassine packet with artwork in center of foam core. This must be secured so the glassine packet does not slide.
  5. Sandwich the artwork between the two sheets of foam core and tape it down to secure;
  6. Wrap in polyurethane-coated brown paper to protect against moisture.

Building the Outer Package

  1. Cut (2) sheets of tri-wall corrugate 4″ larger than the Foam core packet.
  2. Optional: secure ABS plastic lining to the inner sides of the tri-wall corrugate for additional protection against punctures.
  3. Secure the foam core packet in the center of the two sheets of tri-wall so that it does not slide during shipment. Use packing tape for this step.
  4. Tape the two sheets of tri-wall corrugate together to form the outer sandwich.

Ready to Send Your Artwork for Restoration or Framing?

  1. Download our printable Artwork Condition Report and include it with your package.
  2. Review detailed shipping instructions.
  3. Contact us to let us know the artwork is on the way.
  4. Watch for our email or call. We will contact you when we receive the artwork.

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