Oppenheimer Editions is Celebrating 20 Years of Fine Art Publishing
An Exclusive Curated Offer of Twenty-five Masterworks of Natural History Art
8 January, 2019 by
Oppenheimer Editions is Celebrating 20 Years of Fine Art Publishing
Joel Oppenheimer

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In honor of Oppenheimer Editions’ 20th anniversary, it is my pleasure to offer a curated selection of 25 works of art by five renowned artists that may be said to define the golden age of natural history art. These are not only my personal favorites, but also ones that I consider deserving of universal acclaim.

Oppenheimer Editions was founded in 1999 as an adjunct to our fine art gallery, conservation and archival framing businesses. At the time, high-quality digital imaging technology was in the early stages ofdevelopment. I was struck by the immense potential of this new medium to create prints of extraordinary quality. Today, there is a proliferation of digital or “giclée” prints on the market in every imaginable genre. However, any medium is merely a tool and the end result is dependent on the skill of the artist or print maker that employs it.

Our original concept has proven successful and is still the same today. First, we partner with major museums and libraries whose holdings are premier examples of these artists' works. Second, we spare no cost or time to produce the finest examples of prints from these collections. Third, curators from the respective institutions are highly involved with the lengthy proofing and approval process for the final prints. This insures that we are offering our clients museum-authorized prints from their collections. Finally, by contract, the total number of numbered prints is limited to an edition small enough that it offers the potential of being a collectible with a future value.

In 2019 our business will also mark another great milestone—Joel Oppenheimer Gallery’s 50th anniversary! Please be sure you are signed up for our mailing list so we can send you a printed invitation to our upcoming gala celebration, planned for this spring. Until then, I hope you enjoy my curated selection of natural history master works. Special pricing is available, but only for a limited time, from January 7 to January 31, 2019. Please call 312-642-5300 or email us at [email protected] to take advantage of our Oppenheimer Editions' 20th anniversary event.

With best regards for the new year, 

Joel Oppenheimer

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Oppenheimer Editions is Celebrating 20 Years of Fine Art Publishing
Joel Oppenheimer 8 January, 2019
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