Weekly Specials

Selections Curated by Mr. Joel Oppenheimer

John Gould, Pl. 286 Spoonbill, Birds of Europe, 1833–1837, hand-colored lithograph

Mark Catesby, Pl. 51 The Purple Martin, hand-colored engraving, 1754

Pierre-Joseph Redouté, Pl. 14 Camellia Japonica; white, Choix des plus belles fleurs, 1835, stipple engraving

John J. Audubon, Pl. 41 Pennant's Marten or Fisher, The Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America, Bowen edition, 1845-48, Hand-colored lithograph, Imperial Folio

John James Audubon, Pl. 412 Red-breasted Merganser, Birds of America,  first edition octavo, 1839–1844, hand-colored lithograph

Alexander Wilson, Pl. 42 Red Owl, Warbling Flycatcher, hand-colored engraving, American Ornithology, 1808–1829

Johann Elert Bode, Pl. 9 Aquila, Ophiuchus, Serpens Ophiuci, Uranographia sive astrorum descriptio..., 1797–1801, uncolored engraving

John Gould, Pl. 160 Waxen Chatterer, hand-colored lithograph, Birds of Europe, 1833–37

Priscilla Susan Bury, Pl. 11 Botany-bay Lily, A Selection of Hexandrian Plants, 1831–34, hand-colored aquatint engraving

Edward Lear, Pl. 38 Eastern Great Horned Owl, hand-colored lithograph, Birds of Europe, 1832–37

Maria Sibylla Merian, Pl. 33 Fig, Metamorphosis Insectorum Surinamensium, 1726, hand-colored  engraving

Pierre-Joseph Redouté, Pl. 17 Yellow Multi-flowered Narcissus, Les Liliacées,  1802–16, stipple engraving

John J. Audubon, Plate 14, White-headed Eagle, Birds of America, Bien Edition, 1860

Basilius Besler, Pl. 65 Pancratium, Pink pussytoes, White pussytoes, Deluxe edition, 1613, uncolored engraving

John Gould, Pl. 58 Blue-breast, Family of Hummingbirds, 1849–87, hand-colored lithograph

Pierre-Joseph Redouté, Pl. 28 Giant Cyrtanthus, Choix des plus belles fleurs,  1835, stipple engraving

Prideaux John Selby, Vol. 2, Pl. 47A Bewick's Swan, Illustrations of British Ornithology, 1821–34, hand-colored engraving

Daniel Giraud Elliot, Pl. 43 Cheetah, Hunting Leopard, hand-colored lithograph, 1883

John James Audubon, Pl. 227 Common Magpie, hand-colored lithograph, first edition octavo, 1839–1844

Pierre-Joseph Redouté, Pl. 74 Broad-leaved Pitcairnia (detail), Les Liliacées,  1802–16, stipple engraving