Weekly Specials

Selections Curated by Mr. Joel Oppenheimer

Basilius Besler, Pl. 324 Red peppers with long pendulant fruit, Hortus Eystettensis, Deluxe edition, 1613, hand-colored engraving

John Lizars, Pl. 1 General View of the Skeleton, Anatomical Plates of the Human Body, first edition, 1822–26, hand-colored engraving by William Home Lizars

Alexander Wilson, 1st edition, Pl. 3 Gold-winged Woodpecker; Black-throated Bunting; Blue Bird; hand-colored engraving, American Ornithology, 1808–29

Joel Oppenheimer, The Birds of America: The Bien Chromolithographic Edition, hardcover book bound in cloth with a full cloth slipcase, published 2013

John J. Audubon, Pl. 286 White-fronted Goose, Birds of America, Havell Edition, 1827–38, Hand-colored Engraving

Mark Catesby, Vol. 2, Pl. 70, The Water Frog, hand-colored engraving, 1754