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Crow L. Woodpecker Labrador Falcon Lapwing Lastrea Filix-mas Lemon Thyme Les Liliacées Les Roses Lesser Turk's-cap Lily Little Nimble Weasel Little Screech Owl Lizard Long-legged Avocet Louisiana Tanager Lupis Magpie Mallard Duck Man of War Bird Many-banded Aracari Map of Carolina, Florida, and the Bahama Islands Maria Sibylla Merian Mark Catesby Marsh Harrier Marsh Orchids Maryland Yellow-throat McKenney Hall McKenney Hall Indian Gallery Metamorphosis Insectorum Surinamensium Monograph of Odontoglossum Mute Swan Natural History of Carolina Natural History Print nature printing Night Hawk Night Heron Norfolk Beefin Norfolk Paradise Norfolk Storing Northern Hare, Summer Odontoglossum Nebulossum Ophiuchus Opium Poppy Orange Day Lily Orange Lily Osculant Toucan Osmunda regalis Osprey, Female Pah-she-pah-how Pancratium Passion Fruit Pegasus Pennant's Marten or Fisher Pheasants Pied Duck Pierre-Antoine Poiteau Pierre-Joseph Redouté Pink and White Amaryllis Pink pussytoes Pinnated Grous Pinnated Grouse Pipiry Flycatcher Pl. 100 Pl. 16 Pl. 17 Pl. 22 Pl. 291 Pl. 31 Pl. 4 Pl. 6 Plate 1 Plate 11 Plate 113 Plate 116 Plate 12 Plate 140 Plate 152 Plate 19 Plate 2 Plate 216 Plate 229 Plate 24 Plate 279 Plate 289 Plate 296 Plate 312 Plate 32 Plate 332 Plate 344/Plate346 Plate 352 Plate 385 Plate 386 Plate 3A Plate 43 Plate 48 Plate 5 Plate 52 Plate 6 Plate 72 Plate 73 Plate 8 Plate 80 Plate 96 Plate132 Polystichum angulare Pomologie Francais Pomona Britannica Pomona Brittanica Porcelain Lily Potato Prideaux John Selby Priscilla Susan Bury Provins Royal Prunier Cerisette Prunier Damas de Provence Purple Grackle Purple orchid Queen Lily Razor-Billed Blackbird of Jamaica Red Colville Red Lily Red Owl Red peppers with pendant fruit Red-breasted Merganser Red-headed Duck Red-shouldered Buzzard Red-throated Diver Robert Thornton Roselle Rough Leg Falcon Round-leaved sundew Saffron Crocus; purple Sagittarius Say's Flycatcher Scarlet Filbert Scaup Duck Scorpius Sea poppy Seaside aster Seaside Finch Selection of Hexandrian Plants Serpens Ophiuchi Severn Flying Squirrel Shell Flower Short-eared Owl Southern Hermit Spoonbill Spotted Eagle Spotted Grouse Stag Beetle, Palm Tree Stalwort Stinking orchid stipple engraving Stork Summer Redbird Superb Bird of Paradise Superb Lily Superior Variegated Amaryllis Swallow Tailed Flycatcher, Swallow-tailed Butterfly Swallow-tailed Kite Sweet Potato Tawny or Wood Owl Tell-tale Godwit or Snipe Temple of Flora The Birds of America: The Bien Chromolithographic Edition The Blue-winged Shoveler The Bushy-tailed Red-spotted Cat The Canada Goose The Cashew Tree The Cutwater The Ferns of Great Britain and Ireland The Green Lizard of Jamaica The Ground Squirrel The Heath Hen The Land Frog The Mango Hummingbird The Panther or Leopard The Pigeon of Passage The Purple Martin The Red Winged Starling The Rivoli The Sacred Egyptian Bean The Turtle of Carolina The Umbrella Tree The Wampum Snake The Water Frog The White-faced Teal Theater of the World Atlas Theatrum Orbis Terrarum Thomas Hill Thomas Moore Thorn Apple Thyme Tiger Lily Tobacco Plant with Butterfly Trudeau's Tern Two Red Peppers Uranographia sive astrorum Variety of French Rose Velvet Duck Velvet plant Vigors Vireo Violette Hative or Early Violette Virginia Rose Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America Waa-top-e-not Warbling Flycatcher Watercolor on paper Waxen Chatterer Wedge-tailed Sabre-wing Whistling Swan White American Wolf White Colville White Crane White Filbert; White Headed Pigeon White mullein White pussytoes White-fronted Goose White-fronted Wild Goose White-headed Eagle White-headed Sea Eagle Wild purple pansy Wild Turkey, Female & Young Wild yellow pansy Winter Sweet Sugar Wood Ibis Yellow canna Yellow Lady Slipper Yellow Multi-flowered Narcissus Yellow Shank Yellow-billed Cuckoo Yellow-billed Magpie Yellow-breasted Chat