Weekly Specials

Selections Curated by Mr. Joel Oppenheimer

Abbé Laurent Berlèse, Pl. 197 Camellia Sophiana, Iconographie du Genre Camellia, 1839–43, stipple engraving

John J. Audubon, Pl. 244 Common Gallinule, Birds of America, Havell Edition, 1827–1838, hand-colored engraving

Priscilla Susan Bury, Pl. 24 Queen Lily, A Selection of Hexandrian Plants, 1831–34, hand-colored aquatint engraving

Mark Catesby, Pl. 13 The The Red Winged Starling, hand-colored engraving, 1754

John J. Audubon, Plate 363, Night Heron, Birds of America, Bien Edition, 1860, chromolithograph

Prideaux John Selby, Vol. 2, Pl. 43 White-fronted Wild Goose, Illustrations of British Ornithology, 1821–1834, hand-colored engraving

Pierre-Joseph Redouté, Pl. 7 Red Lily, Les Liliacées, 1802–1816, stipple engraving finished by hand

James Bateman, Pl. 1 Odontoglossum nebulossum, A Monograph of Odontoglossum, 1864–1874, hand-colored lithograph

Pierre-Antoine Poiteau, Pl. 139 Citronnier commun, stipple engraving, Pomologie Français, 1838–46

Basilius Besler, Pl. 289 Sea poppy, Wild purple pansy, Wild yellow pansy, Deluxe edition, 1613, hand-colored engraving

John J. Audubon, Pl. 367 Band-tailed Pigeon, Birds of America, Havell Edition, 1827–1838, hand-colored engraving

John Gould, Pl. 286 Spoonbill, Birds of Europe, 1833–1837, hand-colored lithograph