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Metamorphosis Insectorum Surinamensium - 1771 Edition – Antique Originals

Merian 1771, Pl. 39, Emperor Moth


A Monograph of the Birds of Paradise - Antique Originals

Elliot Pl. 19, Great Sickle-bill Bird of Paradise


Original hand-colored lithograph with gold leaf; circa 1873

Quadruped Imperial Bowen Edition - Antique Originals

Audubon Bowen Ed. Pl. 106, Columbian Black-tailed Deer


Original hand-colored lithograph; circa 1845 – 1848

Havell Edition – Antique Originals

Audubon Havell Ed. Pl 286, White-fronted Goose


Original antique double-elephant folio hand-colored engraving; circa 1827 - 1838

Pomologie Française – Antique Originals

Poiteau Pl. 173, Ronce de Pensylvania


Hand-applied stipple engraving; circa 1846

Pomologie Française – Antique Originals

Poiteau Pl. 120, Cerisier Bigarreau a grandes feuilles


Hand-applied stipple engraving; circa 1846

Conchology, or the Natural History of Shells – Antique Originals

Perry Pl. 13, Strombus


Hand-colored engraving; crica 1811

British Ornithology Volume 2, Water Birds- Antique Originals

Selby Vol 2, Pl. 101A, Arctic Skua


Original Hand-colored engraving from American Ornithology 1st Edition - 1808 – 1814

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