Audubon’s Watercolors Pl. 423, Mountain Quail and Crested Bobwhite

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New-York Historical Society – Oppenheimer Editions Fine Art Print | circa 2006 | 13.75 x 21.375 inches

Add a Frame!

1-1/2 inch Beaded Louis Gold Metal Leaf Frame (Medium)


- 99% UV Resistant Acrylic Glazing
- 100% Cotton rag board archival mount and facemat

Optium Museum Acrylic Upgrade (Medium)

Optium Museum Acrylic Upgrade for Double-elephant folio size frames (Require frame add-on)

- 99% UV Protection
- Abrasion Resistance
- Anti-reflective (Virtually eliminates Reflections!)
- Anti-Static
- Shatter resistant