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John James Audubon

The Birds of America

Antique Original 1st Octavo Edition

Special Framing Options - Also Available When Adding Octavos to the Cart

Octavo Frame Options (click to expand)


7/8" Federalist in Metal Leaf

1" Dutch in Gold Leaf

1" Padauk Frame

7/8" Federalist

Gold Metal Leaf

1" Dutch
22k Antique Gold over Red Clay

1" Flat Cap

Padauk Hardwood

Audubon 1st Ed. Octavo Pl. 346 Greenshank
525.00 525.00 525.0 USD
Audubon 1st Ed. Octavo Pl. 399 Ruddy Duck
495.00 495.00 495.0 USD
Audubon 1st Ed. Octavo Pl. 120 House Wren
480.00 480.00 480.0 USD
Audubon 1st Ed. Octavo Pl. 123 Marsh Wren
475.00 475.00 475.0 USD