Join the Conservation Affiliates Program

Members of our Conservation Affiliates Program are professionals in the framing or gallery business who are qualified to offer our art conservation and restoration services in their area. Participants of our program have an established framing or gallery business that has been in operation for a minimum of two years. They must also offer archival conservation framing to their clients as an option.

You will find our program is extremely useful as a sales tool to demonstrate to your customers the value of archival framing.

The program offers participants these distinct advantages:

• It will broaden the scope of services you can directly offer your clients.

• You maintain control of the client because you are our direct representative. 

• This service will generate income for you and requires no capital investment on your part. As our representative, you will receive wholesale prices on all restoration services.

Our Conservation Affiliates Program allows existing frame shops and galleries to broaden the scope of services offered.
The reverse mat burn on this Matisse lithograph is typical of framed artworks of this age.

Before Restoration

The reverse mat burn on this Matisse lithograph is typical of framed artworks of this age.

The print was cleaned and flattened by aqueous methods, as well as deacidified.

After Restoration

 The print was cleaned and flattened using aqueous methods to reduce the acid staining. It was also deacidified to chemically stabilize the paper.

Procedure for Sending Artwork for Conservation

Qualified affiliates are furnished with copies of our booklet: Art Restoration and Conservation, a Handbook and Glossary and wholesale condition reports at no charge. You will also have unlimited telephone back up and consultation with us to answer any restoration questions you may have. The conservation booklet can be given to select clients and the condition reports are mailed or faxed to you to identify the piece, note the problems observed, as well as treatment recommended and quote for restoration. Please feel free to call us at 312-642-5300 with any questions regarding the Conservation Affiliates Program.

As an affiliated member, written estimates are supplied to you at no charge. The order is considered tentative until we hear from you to proceed with the work. Upon completion of the treatment (approximately 6 to 8 weeks), you will be billed the wholesale rate which is a 20% discount from the estimate that your client approved. If your client does not wish to proceed with any restoration or conservation, we will promptly return the work to you and will be billed for only return packaging & shipping costs.

Contact us for more information on how to apply for our Conservation Affiliates Program.